POLITICOM / Political Success can be planned



POLITICOM | The Congress for Political Communication will take place from 28th-29th September 2023 at the Palais Almanac in Vienna and is a multi-party event on successful political communication. The focus is on measures to win votes. You can expect first-class presentations on cross-media strategies, marketing, positioning, framing, as well as polling and forecasting.


The event is aimed at political management, campaign management and agencies.


.. WITH // Raphael Brinkert (BrinkertLück Creatives), Leif Neugebohrn (Magnecon), Mag. Andreas Holzer (Andreas Holzer Consult), Mag. Panorea Kaskani & Dr. Frederik Lehner (IC), Prof. Dr. Josef Klein, Dimitry Parisi (FARNER), Giulia Fioriti (mecoa Mediencoaching) und Dajana Weer (Brand Lounge).


:: Program change ::
The lecture on “Election Poster” will be given by Panorea Kaskani and Frederik Lehner (Interconnection Consulting).
Mariusz Jan Demner sends his apologies for the event.

  • 09:10

    Attitude and heart, edge and chancellor. //


    When Olaf Scholz became the SPD’s candidate for chancellor in August 2020, his party stagnated in the surveys at 15%. In the federal election on September 26, 2021, the Social Democrats were able to become the strongest force with 25.7% and, with Olaf Scholz, provide the new chancellor.

    What happened in the more than 400 days in between? How does a popular brand become a successful brand? What role does consistent storytelling, the colour red and the unity of a party play? Raphael Brinkert provides the answers.

  • 09:50

    Framing // political framing.

    Gripping people by their emotions, inflaming values, shaping images of reality – that is what successful political framing does. Language is the primary tool. The example of top election campaigns shows how this works.

    Framing is more complex than long thought: it should target clusters of feelings, not just one emotion. Values are to be considered in the context of interests and not in isolation. Much depends on the choice of central keywords and catchphrases. But they only work within suitable conceptual networks. What is important here is demonstrated by the design of a framing matrix.

  • 11:00

    Emotions and their role in politics //


    The political scientist Andreas Holzer is a consultant, coach and trainer. Based on his many years of expertise in election and attitude research and consulting at a renowned institute, he also deals with political communication and emotions in politics, among other things, and has been communicating these topics in seminars and workshops for many years. He is founding his own company “Andreas Holzer Consult” in Vienna in August 2023.

    In his lecture, he will convey the connections between emotions and decisions and establish links to politics and campaigns. In his lecture, he shows why emotions play a key role in politics, how they can be measured and why “angry citizens” could turn from a marginal phenomenon into part of the social centre.

  • 11:40

    Panel / Discussion: How to make Winners.

    How to make election winners will be discussed by Raphael Brinkert, Josef Klein and Christoph Hofinger in a panel of experts. Again, it will be about the role of emotions, the power of framing and PR-driven strategies, all of which make it possible to position winners. The three experts will chat out of the sewing box and take a look at what is to come.

    Moderation: Frederik Lehner

  • 13:30

    What makes a successful election poster

    Election posters are a fixed element of every election campaign, even if it is disputed what influence a poster has on the election decision in times of social media. The fact is: there are good and bad posters and there are methods to determine what is “good” and what is “bad”.

    The speakers, Panorea Kaskani, an expert in the field of neuromarketing, and Frederik Lehner, will show you the state-of-the-art methods of advertising research using the example of election posters and give you tips on how to advertise only with successful posters in the future.

  • 14:15

    Image Change in 2 minutes //

    The image film for the CDU NRW on the occasion of the NRW state election 2022 impressively conveys how much moving images can move within a very short time, especially in the field of political communication. With a clever focus on a relevant core promise and its implementation in a comprehensible key image, the image film was a central component of the successful election campaign.

    In her lecture, Dajana Weers shows why precise brand communication is so important and what factors are needed to successfully implement an image change.

  • 15:30

    How do you make forecasts today?

    Benedikt Lüthi from Switzerland has been General Manager DACH of YouGov since December 2021, as well as Chairman of the Board of LINK Marketing Services AG. Benedikt Lüthi has extensive business model knowledge in market and social research, management consulting, and public services. Frieder Schmid is a psychologist and has worked at YouGov Germany since 2012, where he has headed the research department since 2020. He is responsible for studies on brand strategy, target groups, product development and communication for business, civil society and politics.

    Together, they will explain which methods are used in market and opinion research in the political environment and show that political research goes far beyond election intention surveys for forecasts.

    And they show best practices and pitfalls from political opinion research!

  • 19:00

    Conclusion at the Herlitschka

    The joint evening event sets a counterpoint to the noble Almanac Palais Vienna in Vienna’s coolest pub – the Herlitschka. The original setting of countless cinema films with a romantic garden under arcades is a centrally located insider tip not far from the Almanac.